What our patients say...

Simon put me at ease…

I was referred to Simon Lloyd as a result of tinnitus in one ear which, following an MR scan was determined to be the result of an intracanalicular tumour. I was very concerned about this diagnosis but Simon’s patient explanation of the nature of the tumour and the likely outcomes put me at ease. I was also pleased by his prompt action when I reported significant hearing loss at the second of my consultations, he arranged for an immediate hearing test which confirmed the loss of hearing and then also arranged a course of steroid injections. I believe that the promptness of this treatment led to a significant improvement in my hearing.

I feel I have been very well looked after and I would not hesitate in recommending Simon Lloyd.

Best Regards

Mrs Williams

Our son has been plagued by ear pain and hearing loss since the age of 2. He has had numerous sets of grommets which only ever resolved the problem short term. Since seeing Mr Lloyd and being fitted with T Tubes his life and ours have been transformed. He is progressing much more at school and is noticeably happier. The care we received from Mr Lloyd was excellent. He is kind, measured and exceptionally helpful. We have recommended him many times since.

Mr Hastings

“You shouldn’t be doing that” said the Neurosurgeon at 8.00 on the morning after my acoustic neuroma was removed.

I was sitting up in bed eating some corn flakes and drinking a mug of tea. My first reaction was to look for a nil by mouth sign. The surgeon further explained that I shouldn’t want to, or be able to do sit up, I should be suffering from sickness and vertigo on the first morning post-op, and eating food would be the last thing on my mind. He promptly arranged for a physiotherapist to attend. My lines and catheter had just been removed and he wanted to know if it would be possible for me to stand up unaided. I stood up walked down the corridor, up a flight of stairs, then back to bed by myself. The anaesthetist called to see me, he told me that I was the first case of this kind that he had done without giving an anti-emetic post operatively and was surprised to see me in such good spirits.

Before anyone thinks that I am bragging, I should come clean. About 2 months pre-op, my ENT surgeon Mr Simon Lloyd suggested that I have an experimental course of Gentamycin injections (which actually is an antibiotic) in my left ear. Strangely, it is also toxic to the auditory nerves so it would ablate (kill off) the balance nerve. Whilst I was fit, I would slowly get used to the lack of balance organ and allow my right ear to take over gradually, rather than having the big shock at the time of operation.

The treatment involved 3 injections through the ear drum that weren’t pleasant, a bit like dental injections as the antibiotic is quite viscous, and following these I had episodes of balance adjustments which, though they affected my work, were mild inconveniences rather than distressing.

The tumour was removed in late September at Salford Royal, the facial nerve was preserved and I was discharged after 3 days, about half the usual stay. There’s still a lot of recovery from a big procedure and my balance hasn’t returned to normal but I am very grateful not to be having the horrible vertigo, learning to walk issues and sickness that characterise the operation for most patients including those undergoing the procedure at the same hospital at the same time as myself.
I believe the two surgeons are attempting to get a clinical trial set up so further assess the effects of Gentamycin. I would like to thank Scott Rutherford, the Neurosurgeon, a veteran of over 300 of these ops, Simon Lloyd as Cranial base ENT surgeon for the excellent care I have received.

Mr Page

I will look forward to recommending you…..

Simon, I would like to thank you and all concerned on the excellent service offered to me
when it was discovered I had a cholesteatoma in my middle ear. The surgery and
treatment thereafter was very good indeed and I will look forward to recommending
you to any friend who has an ENT problem. Nicki Cory (your secretary) was also of great help on the
administration side.

Thank you again
Kind regards

Mr Newall

Exceptional care and professionalism

I would like to thank you all for your exceptional care and professionalism towards the treatment and ongoing management of my mother. Every aspect of her journey through the ENT/neurosurgical unit ranging from the meticulous attention to detail intra and peri-operatively, to the outstanding support she received on the neurosurgical ITU and ward has been commendable.

Thank you once again.
Kind regards

Mr Cathcart

Being able to hear again has improved my quality of life…..

For very many years I had difficulty hearing with my left ear and had no idea why. Once I learned what the problem was Mr Lloyd at The Ear and Hearing Clinic operated on the ear and my hearing improved immediately. I was delighted with my treatment at the clinic; all the staff were friendly and caring and I was kept informed of everything that was happening and of possible side effects. The after-care is excellent and being able to hear again (without the need for a hearing-aid) has improved my quality of life.

Thank you to all at the Clinic.

Mrs Barker